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Lakeland FL Water Treatment Process

Tri-Florida Water Treatment is Your Local Certified Water Treatment Specialist in Cleveland Heights, Eaton Park, Gibsonia, Lake Hollingsworth, and surrounding areas in Lakeland, FL

Install, Service, & Repair Water Treatment Systems

Tri-Florida Water Treatment is Lakeland’s best source for clean, odor-free, and better-tasting water for the whole home. We install, service, and repair water treatment and purification systems from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our solutions are certified to meet or exceed Water Quality Association (WQA) and NSF International certifications. User-replaceable filter cartridges make changing filters easy without a service call. Financing and rental options are available.

In-Home Water Test

The process starts with an in-home water quality test. A certified water treatment specialist will obtain water samples from the taps and faucets in your home. The test results will indicate the levels of iron, calcium, magnesium, arsenic, chlorine, and a variety of other impurities. In some cases, we may send your test to a certified state lab when bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens are suspected in the water. The results of these tests will determine the water treatment and purification solution to improve the water quality in your home.

water testing in Lakeland FL

Water Treatment System Installation in Lakeland

In the next step of the process, a factory-authorized technician will install your water treatment equipment and specialized media that will filter the water based on your home's water quality. It is installed at your main water connection line's point of entry (POE). The system will automatically adjust as your water quality changes, ensuring a virtually unlimited supply of clean, clear, and healthy water in the laundry room, bathroom, kitchen - every faucet in the whole home. The products we install are manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards. Your water treatment system works automatically and continuously in the background without user intervention.

The technician will then install your reverse osmosis water purification system that removes up to 99.9% of impurities, delivering perfectly clean, crystal clear, pure water for cooking and drinking. The system is installed under the kitchen sink and connected to your refrigerator water dispenser and ice maker.

whole home water filtration installation, lakeland fl

Water Filter Maintenance

Your water treatment and purification system will provide you with years of worry-free performance. An indicator will let you know when it's time to replace the water  filter cartridge, eliminating water waste. Replacing filter cartridges are simple so there's no need to place a service call.

After installation, your certified Tri-Florida Water Treatment technician will provide complete instructions on its use, operation, and maintenance. Our technicians are based in the Lakeland area for fast and efficient responses to maintenance and service calls.

Tri-Florida Water Treatment also offers a variety of convenient and affordable maintenance plans that include a complimentary system annual check-up to ensure your filtration equipment is operating at maximum performance and efficiency. Your maintenance plan may also have a discount on service calls, repairs, and parts.

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Water Treatment System Installation in Lakeland

Enjoy the refreshing taste of clean, clear, and pure water with customized water filtration and purification solution from Tri Florida Water Treatment. Call (863) 345-3600 to schedule your free in-home water analysis today! We serve all communities in Lakeland, FL, including Eaton Park, Highland City, and Kathleen.