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Does Your Home Have Hard Water?

One of the most common water problems is hard water. Many homeowners have to deal with it, whether they live in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Bartow, or Plant City. Installing a water softener system is often the best way to eliminate this problem from your home.

Water softener system installation available in Lakeland & Bartow FLWhat is Hard Water?

It’s a general misconception that hard water is only a problem for those who live in the country or use a private well for the water supply. The reality is that all homeowners can have hard water, whether they get their water from a municipality or elsewhere.

Hard water is nothing more than the build-up of various metals and minerals. The most common are calcium, manganese, and magnesium. Other types of contaminants that can permeate throughout the water supply include both iron and sulfur. Hard water affects many aspects of our lives, frequently without the homeowner ever realizing it or how much better things could be with a water softener.

Why is Hard Water A Problem?

Without a water softener, it’s virtually a given that you’ll experience hard water within your home. But why is this a problem exactly? There are a few big reasons that you should avoid hard water if at all possible.

  • Hard water can leave behind stains on dishes, tubs, faucets, and clothing.
  • Appliances don’t work as effectively with hard water.
  • It takes more soap to clean your hair, and even longer to rinse it out.
  • Limescale is a major plumbing problem, one that can be eliminated with a water softener system.
  • Your water can taste bad or have a sour smell to it.

How Can A Homeowner Know They Have Hard Water?

All of the above problems are just some of the signs that you may have a hard water problem. Most commonly, you’ll notice these gradually. One day, your dishes will come out cloudy or spotted from the dishwasher. Next, your hair won’t feel as clean or your skin as smooth. Your favorite shirt may come out of the washing machine stained.

Worse yet, you may begin to experience problems with your appliances or plumbing system. Those are costlier signs that you have hard water, and ones you want to address before they become a major repair cost.

Water softener systems available for installation in Polk City FLThe Benefits Of A Water Softener System

If the problems are signs you have hard water, then the benefits are the opposite! When you have a water softener system and keep it full of salt, you will experience:

  • Silky smooth, clean hair;
  • Healthy, vibrant skin;
  • Streak and spot-free dishes;
  • Bright, clean, and fresh-smelling laundry;
  • Better-tasting water, free of any unpleasantries;
  • More effective appliance operation, and;
  • A distinct lack of soap scum build-up in your home, such as in your tubs, on your faucets, or your shower walls.

Fixing Hard Water Problems in Polk and Hillsborough County

The solution to fixing hard water problems is Tri-Florida Water Treatment.

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