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Lakeland FL Water Filtration Installation & Service

Tri-Florida Water Treatment is a locally operated family business proudly providing homeowners throughout Lakeland FL and Polk County with high-quality water softeners, water filtration, water purification, and whole house water treatment for crystal clear, pure, and better-tasting water.

Is My Water Bad in Lakeland?

Water Quality Standards approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) limit the maximum levels of pollutants allowed in the public drinking water. Municipal water departments, including here in Lakeland, must routinely test and disinfect public drinking water to ensure it meets those standards. Therefore, some levels of bacteria, minerals, and other impurities, such as calcium, iron, and magnesium, may be present in your drinking water at home. Public water agencies must also publish a monthly water quality report listing the amount of each pollutant detected during the water test. Also, many houses get their water from a private well. It is the private well owner's responsibility to routinely have a water test and provide treatment to ensure clean and safe water for their family. Without adequate water treatment, sediment, bacteria, viruses, parasites, and dissolved solids in the well water can cause hard water problems that can damage plumbing and appliances and pose potential health risks.

Water Softener System

Many Lakeland homes on municipal water or well water have hard water problems due to elevated calcium and magnesium levels. Using an ion-exchange process, the calcium and magnesium ions are replaced with sodium and potassium ions. The process softens the water without increasing sodium levels in the water. We use a dual tank process to ensure your family has ready access to soft water without waiting for filtration. The water softener system connects to the primary water connection in your home. The water first flows into the filtration tank that contains the softeners to remove impurities. The clean water automatically flows into the storage tank giving every faucet and water appliance in your home access to soft, fresh water. The water softener system contains user-replaceable cartridges. An indicator will let you know when to replace the filter cartridge

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Professional Water Filter and Softening System Installation in Winter Haven FL

Whole House Water Treatment

Our whole house water treatment gives Lakeland homeowners the ability to have crystal clear, pure water for the entire house, whether on a private well or municipal water service. Our water filtration and reverse osmosis options remove impurities in the water that are not typically removed by the chemical disinfection process. Our free water test will determine which option is best for resolving your home's existing water problems. A filtration system is generally recommended for homes with sediment in the water. Sediment or floaties can get in the drinking water when shallow groundwater is pumped into the water supply. It can also affect the appearance, smell, and water taste. Filtering out the sediment leaves crystal clear, pure, and better-tasting water. We recommend reverse osmosis water treatment when the water test shows it contains iron, Sulphur, lead, arsenic, or other minerals and chemicals. Our reverse osmosis removes up to 90% of impurities providing clean, clear, and healthy water for the entire family.

Water Purification in Lakeland FL

Water quality in Lakeland can vary from house to house, and your water may not be as clean and pure as it could. A water purification system removes chemicals, disinfectant byproducts, pollutants, and other impurities that remain in the water after municipal treatment. Also, contaminants in aging water pipes can contaminate the water lines that connect your home with a private well or municipal water system. Water purification removes these impurities, including chlorine and fluoride, so your family can enjoy the great taste of sparkling clean, pure water in your Lakeland home.

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Water Filtration System Professional Installation, Lakeland FL

Water Filtration

Does the water in your home bad smell or taste? Many homeowners in the Lakeland area have sulfates in the water. Sulfates are naturally present in groundwater and wells. It can cling to other impurities that build-up in the faucet and aerator. When turning on the tap, the oxygen converts the sulfates into hydrogen sulfide gas, which causes that pungent "rotten egg" odor. It can also leave a sour or bitter aftertaste and yellow stains on laundry and appliances. Our water filtration process removes these sulfates and other impurities in the water eliminating any foul odors or bad taste.

Schedule a free in-home water analysis to find out what’s in your drinking water. We serve the entire Lakeland, Winter Haven, and nearby communities.

Schedule a free in-home water analysis to find out what’s in your drinking water. We serve the entire Lakeland, Winter Haven, and nearby communities.