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Why Treat Tap Water?

Ever since people moved into “modern” living structures and hooked up to all the necessary utilities, one question has been pretty common: How safe is it to drink the water out of my sink faucet?

lakeland fl water treatment for tap waterOne look at the national news tells you that the answer to this question isn’t the same everywhere you go.  Cities in Michigan and Maryland, to name just two, have had serious problems with their municipal water supply, in some case to the extent that people can no longer drink it.  Other areas tout their tap water as “perfectly pure and safe.”  But how true is this?

The Facts You Need To Know About Tap Water

At Tri-Florida Water Treatment, we know that any water that isn’t properly treated and purified may contain contaminants in varying levels.  While municipalities follow certain guidelines to reduce impurities in tap water to acceptable levels, our aging American water systems can allow many of these contaminants into water that’s already been treated.

Here are some contaminants known to exist in some in tap water:


Corroded faucets and pipes are typically to blame for lead in our tap water.  Lead poisoning is believed to lead to nervous system damage, elevated blood pressure and kidney dysfunction.  In children it can cause developmental issues and permanent brain damage.


Chlorine is known to cause eye and nose irritation as well as nervous system problems.  The chemical is useful in killing many contaminants in water, but too much of it is not a good thing.


Bisphenol A is used in the production of plastic compounds and also in coatings on water pipes.  Damaged pipes can allow this chemical into the water.  BPA has been linked to cancer, heart problems and obesity.


Kidney damage can result from excess mercury in our bodies.  Most of the mercury in water comes from landfill seepage, factory waste and agricultural runoff.

Giardia lamblia

This is a parasite found in sewage and animal waste and can enter our water supply.  It can cause a variety of gastrointestinal issues.

This is hardly a comprehensive list, but just these contaminants are enough to make us seriously question how safe our tap water is for human consumption.  A lot of research is still needed to identify and understand all the things that can get into our water and what their effect will be on our bodies.

lakeland fl water treatment for tap water

What’s The Answer To Water Purification

If you’d prefer to be safe rather than sorry, the answer is a high-quality water purification system such as Pentair, professionally installed by Tri-Florida Water Treatment.

With a track record of 40-plus years, Pentair is considered the leader in in-home water purification systems and is the system used by GE, Everpure, Wellmate and other iconic brands.  Pentair meets or exceeds standards set forth by the Water Quality Association and NSF, meaning you’re assured of pure, clean, delicious water right from your faucet.

Call Tri-Florida Water Treatment today at (863) 965-1439 to arrange for a free in-home water analysis and find out how easy it is to bypass the contaminants and feed your body what it really wants: fresh, natural water.