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Whole House Water Treatment

Did you know that the average family of four consumes more than 86,400 gallons of water per year*? Whether it’s cooking, taking a shower or washing clothes, your consuming more water than you think. And even though your local water supply may be considered safe to drink based on government standards, it doesn’t mean that it is free of parasites, chemicals and other by-products.

lakeland fl pro water treatment with water filtersGive your family a healthier water choice with a Tri-Florida Whole House Water Treatment Solution.

Crystal-clear, pure water that is delightfully refreshing and tastes great from every tap in the house.

We Test Your Water

What’s in your water? Schedule a convenient appointment for a free in-home water analysis today. Our certified water treatment professional will collect a water sample from your home. We test the water for foul odors and tastes, hardness and potential health concerns. We can also send the water sample to a state certified laboratory for testing the health of the water. The independent lab can test for a number of contaminants in the water including lead, radon and microbes. This is especially important if there are any infants or elderly members in your household or anyone suffering from allergies or chronic illnesses. Then compare our water analysis results with the Annual Water Quality Report from your local water utility.

Works on City Water and Well Water

Since our Whole House Water Treatment solutions connect directly to your water line at the point of entry to your home, it works on both public city water and private well water systems. As water flows through the line it passes through our filtration and purification system providing a cleaner, safer, healthier and better tasting water from every faucet in the home. Your pets will love it too!

Better than Under Sink Solutions

Unlike under sink filtration solutions that require a solution for every sink, a whole home solution is an external system that treats and conditions the water for every faucet in the home at the same time. This means you have the same crystal-clear water in the kitchen, bathroom and every faucet in the house. Also, our professional whole home solutions filter out more contaminants and have longer lasting filter cartridges. You’ll spend less time and money changing filter cartridges. Plus, our water conditioning agents soften the water for a more refreshing shower, cleaner and brighter clothes and eliminates ugly hard water rings around the tub and toilet.

we test your water with water testing in winter haven flWater Treatment Options

We offer both water filtration and reverse osmosis systems for the ultimate clean water solution. Our free in-home water analysis will help determine which system is the most advantageous for your home.

Water Filtration

Generally recommended for homes with “floaties” and sediment in the water. As the water passes through the filtration system, these unwanted sediment deposits are removed providing homeowners with crystal clear water. However, naturally occurring minerals and vitamin additives remain.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis water filtration is recommended for homes with water quality issues including lead, Sulphur, arsenic and other contaminants. Our system removes more than 90% of impurities in the water, including any minerals, vitamins and fluoride, any foul odors and unpleasant after tastes. A reverse osmosis system is the best way to ensure you are getting the purest, best tasting water for your household.

*Source: U.S. Geological Survey, Water Science School