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Fix Your Poor Appliance Performance

Hard water is annoying. It can affect your hair, skin, fixtures, dishes, and more. Another headache of hard water is that it leads to poor appliance performance. The more minerals that are in your water, the more scale will build up. This will, in turn, degrade your appliances and potentially lead to costly repairs down the road.

Water appliance repairs in Lakeland & Polk City FLYour Washing Machine

Washing machines are not cheap. As manufacturers add more features to them, their costs continue to rise each year.

One way to prolong the life of your investment is by eliminating hard water from your home with a softener system. Limescale deposits affect nearly every aspect of your washing machine. Clothes can come out smelling dirty even while your detergent usage rises due to poor appliance performance. It’s a vicious cycle, as your washing machine will use more water to dissolve your detergent. This leads to more limescale buildup, which in turn means you need even more detergent.

Eventually, the parts within your washing machine will start to wear out and break down, requiring a repair or even a full replacement. A much more cost-effective alternative is a water softener.

Your Dishwasher

Are your dishes no longer coming clean in your dishwasher? Are you using more soap than expected? Or are your dishes coming out cloudy or spotted with each wash?

This type of poor appliance performance stems again from — you guessed it — hard water! Limescale creates those streaks or spots that stain your glassware while, at the same time, increasing wear and tear on the vital components of your dishwasher. From the plumbing to the heating element, hard water can play havoc with your dishwasher’s performance. And as with your washing machine, if left unattended it can lead to extensive repairs or replacement costs.

Your Home’s Water Heater

Another major appliance that hard water affects is your water heater. For example, have you noticed that you’re suddenly running out of hot water faster? Limescale in the bottom of your tank is quite literally reducing your water heater capacity. Eventually, the fittings, heating element, and other components can begin to rust and break down entirely because of excessive limescale from hard water.

Water using appliance repairs available in Bartow & Auburndale FLHard Water Can Affect Even Smaller Appliances

Imagine this scenario. You’re getting ready for work. When you first wake up, you turn on your coffee pot. It goes through its cycle while you’re elsewhere. As you get ready to leave, you walk out and find a massive mess of overflowing coffee everywhere in your kitchen. Or, you walk out only to find the pot barely brewed anything.

What’s going on? Simple: poor appliance performance stemming from hard water scale within your coffee pot. Hard water can cause havoc with its internal components, leading to too much coffee, not enough, or a total appliance breakdown.

We’ll Help Fix Your Poor Appliance Performance!

Our team can help eliminate the cause of all of your appliance performance problems: hard water! With a water softener and regular salt delivery, you’ll never have to worry about limescale buildup again!

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