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Questions About Drinking Water

Is Your Water Safe To Drink?

Federal, state and local regulations allow a small amount of bacteria, viruses and chemicals and other contaminants to be present in the water supply to be considered suitable for drinking. But do you really want to drink, bathe or wash your clothes with water containing bacteria, cysts, lead, sediment, chlorine and other chemicals, even in small amounts? Also, depending on where you live in Polk County, your municipal or well water supply may have elevated levels of iron or Sulphur which not only has a foul odor, but an unpleasant taste as well.

what if my drinking water is bad in plant city fl

Purify Water

Say goodbye to your water problems and hello to the pure clean taste of water, naturally. Unlike other systems that simply filter drinking water, our Pentair Water Treatment and Purification System cleans and purifies the water for your whole home. The system removes sediment, chemicals and additives like chlorine, iron and lead getting rid of foul odors and bad tastes for pure healthy drinking water you can see, feel and taste.

Benefits Of Water Treatment Softeners

Our water treatment softens the water eliminating those hard water deposits from the sink and shower giving you a silky-smooth shower or bath every time. You will also use less water and detergent to wash your clothes and clean your dishes saving you money. And your clothes will look cleaner and brighter and feel softer too.

We are Department of Environmental Protection Certified Water Plant Operators and can help you choose the right water treatment and purification system for your home. Our systems are available for purchase, lease or rental making it easy to have crystal clear and great-tasting water from every faucet every time whether you own or rent your home.

Call us at (863) 965-1439 to schedule a free in-home water analysis and taste the difference that a Tri-Florida Water Treatment system will make for your home today!