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Cloudy Home Water

Nobody likes cloudy water. When you turn on your kitchen faucet to fill a pot or a glass, you want your water to be crystal clear. When it comes out of the tap cloudy, it raises several questions. The one we hear most often is, “Is something wrong with my home?”

Water treatment professionals in fixing cloudy water in Bartow & Plant City FLThere are several reasons why you may have cloudy water in your home but it doesn’t always mean that something is wrong. However, while the cause is often out of your control, the solution is easily within your reach.

The Cause of Cloudy Water

As we mentioned, cloudy water is often the result of outside factors. The most common of these is that your local municipality is performing maintenance. The cloudiness in your water is simply because there is excessive air in your lines from their repair work. Once everything settles, your water will go back to normal.

However, another common cause of cloudy water is turbidity. This term reflects the amount of other particles that are in your water. The more turbid your water is, the more particles that are in it. Often, heavy rainstorms that produce excessive runoff will lead to a turbidity increase.

Your Health and Cloudy Water

So if there are other particles in your water, does that mean it’s unsafe to drink? The answer is, much like your cloudy water, not crystal clear. There are no universally applicable health risks from cooking with, drinking, or bathing in cloudy water. It may taste odd, but that doesn’t mean it’s dangerous.

However, if your water is cloudy and dark, there may be outside pathogens in it. In this case, you should avoid bathing in it. In most cases, you should be able to cook with or drink it if you boil it for three minutes before use. However, if you have a concern, it’s always best to request an analysis from a professional water treatment company before using it.

Water testing services available in Lakeland & Bartow FLSolutions to Fix Cloudy Water

First, before doing anything to fix your cloudy water, a trained specialist will perform a basic water test. This can help identify if your water is cloudy because of a simple situation, such as excessive air, or if it requires treatment.

Our team will always provide a free in-home analysis. That can help us determine if you need:

In most cases, the first two options are all you will need and our free analysis can help determine the best course of action for your home!

Fixing Cloudy Water in Polk County, Florida

Are you interested in a permanent solution to your cloudy water? Then trust the team at Tri-Florida Water Treatment! With over 30 years of experience, we are Polk County’s answer to cloudy water problems.

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