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How to Choose The Right Water Filter For Your Home

More people are considering installing a water filter than ever. Whether they dislike the taste of their tap water, don’t trust that it’s safe, or are sick of dealing with mineral and limescale deposits, water filters are becoming more popular. But how do you choose which water filter to buy? In this post, we look […] Read more

How Often Should I Change My Whole-Home Water System Filters?

If you had a whole-home water filtration system installed in your residence, most likely your water treatment company went over maintenance details, including how often to change the water filters and system components. If you moved into a home with an active water filtering system, you may not know about this important maintenance activity. Tri-Florida […] Read more

Top 3 Reasons to Ditch Bottled Water for a Water Filtration System

Have you ever wondered why a bottle of spring water you bought tasted or smelled off? That’s because you weren’t actually drinking water from a fresh mountain stream. Most likely, you were drinking unfiltered tap water. Most bottled water brands fill their plastic bottles with city water. Don’t grab bottled water if you want to […] Read more

Can Water Quality Affect Acne?

Do you have a stubborn acne problem that never seems to clear up? The water you are bathing in could be part of the problem. You aren’t alone in your struggle with acne. It is the most common skin condition in the United States. It affects around 50 million Americans every year, according to the […] Read more

How to Maintain your Water Filter

Investing in a whole-home purification water system can save you hundreds of dollars on drinking water. You can turn on your tap for clean, refreshing drinking water instead of buying bottled water. You won’t have to worry anymore if the water you use to cook, bath, or clean is safe. These aren’t the only benefits […] Read more

Your Water Purification Technologies Guide: RO, UF, UV

Environmental protections safeguarding our groundwater, streams, and wetlands have been weakened over the last four years. These changes have made many people wonder if the water coming out of their tap is safe to drink. Whole-home water treatment systems are a popular solution. These water purification systems treat all the water that flows through your […] Read more

3 Steps to Keep your Water Healthy

Everyone deserves safe, refreshing water. The Environmental protection agency (EPA) strives to keep our water free from harmful contaminants. Unfortunately, their protections have been weakening over the last few years. The risk of exposure to toxic metals, noxious pesticides, herbicides, and other contaminants has increased in some areas. You can ensure the water you drink […] Read more

Under the Sink vs. Whole Home Water Filtration

Tired of wasting money on bottled water but unsure about the best solution? Installing a water filter is a smart option that can save you hundreds by the end of the year. You can choose either a point-of-use filter like an under-the-sink filter or point-of-entry filter like a whole home water filtration system. What’s the […] Read more