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3 Steps to Keep your Water Healthy

clean drinking water, winter haven FLEveryone deserves safe, refreshing water. The Environmental protection agency (EPA) strives to keep our water free from harmful contaminants. Unfortunately, their protections have been weakening over the last few years. The risk of exposure to toxic metals, noxious pesticides, herbicides, and other contaminants has increased in some areas. You can ensure the water you drink is safe by following these three steps: test, choose and maintain.


If your home has city water, you can view the annual water quality report or consumer confidence report for your water. The water utility is required to provide you with a yearly report about your water where you can learn the source of your water, see a list of the detected regulated decontaminants, and much more. For tips on how to read the report, check out Food & Water Watch’s infographic!

This report’s drawback is that it may not include contaminates, like lead. Lead often gets into your water through corroded pipes on your property. The water tested for the water quality report is from a central location. You’ll get the most accurate analysis of your water by reaching out to a local lab or water treatment specialist to test your water!

If you have well water, the burden for testing your water falls entirely on you. Wellwater isn’t regulated or tested. You can visit a local lab with a sample of your water to test. You could also reach out to a water treatment provider, like Tri-Florida Water Treatment, to set up a water analysis appointment. We provide a FREE in-home water analysis!


Once you know what is in your water, you can decide the best path forward. If your water tastes good and doesn’t have any worrying contaminates, you might not want to invest in a water treatment system. If your water has an unpleasant taste or smell or contains harmful contaminates, it would be wise to invest in a water purification system. The best water filter will be one that targets the contaminants in your water.

The level of protection provided by a water filter depends on the type of filter that you choose. There are five main types of water filters. Each has different pros and cons. To learn more, check out our blog Different Filters Types of Water Filters You Should Know About!

clean, refreshing water, lakeland flMaintain

Most water filtration systems don’t require a large amount of maintenance. You will need to replace the filters as need. How long your water filter last will depend on the type that you choose. Sediment filters, polishing filters, and carbon filters typically need to be changed every 12 months if you have a whole-home water purification system. Reverses osmosis (RO) filters only need to be changed every 24 months.

You have the power to keep your family safe from harmful contaminants. Get your water tested for FREE to discover what’s in your water, choose the best filtration system for your home, and keep it up! If there are changes in your water’s taste, color, or smell, have it tested again. If you are looking for water treatment advice, contact Tri-Florida Water Treatment! We are here to help you find the right solution for your home.