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Water Purification & Filtration Systems In Winter Haven FL

Tri-Florida Water Treatment is a local family business serving homeowners in the Winter Haven, FL, and Polk County vicinity with professional-grade water filtration, water softeners, water purification, and whole house water treatment for clean, pure, and freshwater for cooking and cleaning.

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Is My Water Bad in Winter Haven?

In Winter Haven, public water services are required by law to reduce harmful contaminants such as bacteria, chemicals, and other impurities to federally mandated levels considered safe for consumption. Municipal water treatment plants regularly test the water and use a chemical disinfection process for water treatment. While public water treatment reduces harmful byproducts in the water, it doesn’t eliminate impurities entirely. Some iron, arsenic, Sulphur, calcium, magnesium, and other pollutants can still be present in your home’s drinking water.  Also, some bacteria are resistant to disinfection.

Homeowners that use a private well will need to regularly test the water and apply the most appropriate water treatment solutions to ensure they are using clean, safe, and healthy water. Without the right water treatment, bacteria, sediment, viruses, and other contaminants can be in the well water. It can cause foul odors, bad tastes, stain plumbing fixtures and appliances, and even harm your health.

Water Softener System

Hard water is a problem for many homeowners in Winter Haven. Hard water problems are not limited to private wells; it’s also a problem for customers on municipal water systems. Some of the hard water symptoms include staining on sinks, tubs, toilets, soap scum, frequently clogged drains, and limescale deposits on appliances, including the dishwasher and washing machine. Installing a water softener system with an ion-exchange process safely and efficiently removes the calcium and magnesium deposits that cause hard water. Our professional-grade dual-tank water softener system connects directly to the main water line connection in your home.

As the water flows into the filtration tank, an ion-exchange process replaces the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium and potassium ions without increasing the water’s existing salt content. The softened clean water automatically flows into the storage tank that distributes clean, clear, and freshwater to every faucet in the house for cooking, drinking and cleaning. Our easy user-replaceable cartridges make system maintenance a snap. A filter life indicator alerts when it’s time to replace the cartridge eliminating waste, ensuring you never run out of clean, soft, and pure water.

Tri-Florida Water Treatment Services In Winter Haven FLWater Treatment in Winter Haven

Get clean, pure, and better-tasting water for the entire house with our whole house water treatment. Our system works with both municipal water and well water connections in Winter Haven. Our whole house water treatment uses a reverse osmosis process to remove up to 90% of impurities, exceeding municipal water treatment standards. It removes iron, magnesium, bacteria, and other chemicals and additives, including chlorine and fluoride common in public water systems. We also offer a filtration option for homes that want to remove the sediment or floaties in the water and enjoy clean, pure, and better-tasting water. Tri-Florida Water Treatment offers a free in-home water analysis. Our analysis will detect the levels of contaminants that are in your drinking water. Once we know the water quality issues in your water, we can recommend the best whole house water treatment solution that will provide clean, pure, and freshwater for cooking, drinking, and cleaning.

Water Purification

Many homeowners in Winter Haven may not be aware that their drinking water may contain iron, sulfates, magnesium, and other water impurities. Metal pipes that are more than fifty years old that are corroding can leach iron, bacteria, and other pollutants that can contaminate the house’s water supply. Water purification removes harmful contaminants and pollutants found in private wells and public water systems, ensuring your family always has access to clean, healthy, and fresh-tasting drinking water.

Sink Water Filtration Systems In Winter Haven, Fl

Water Filtration

If the water in your home in Winter Haven smells bad or has a strange taste, it could result from bacteria and sulfates in the water. Sulfates naturally occur in the environment and can enter the water system during the groundwater pumping process. Sulfates can accumulate in water pipes and the aerator under the faucet in your sinks, tubs, and showers. When you turn on the faucet, oxygen mixes with the sulfates, which results in hydrogen sulfide. The hydrogen sulfide gas causes that obnoxious “rotten egg” smell and bad tasting water. Our water filtration process removes impurities, including sulfates in the water. You will have crystal clear, pure, and better-tasting water without foul odors, bad tastes, or discoloration.

Find out what’s in your drinking water with a free in-home water analysis. Appointments are now available in Winter Haven, Lakeland, and throughout Polk County. Call Tri-Florida Water Treatment to schedule your free water analysis today!