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Treatment Options For Acidic Water

Acidic water can destroy your plumbing and contaminate your water with harmful heavy metals. Read on to learn more about acidic water and the best water treatment solution to balance your water’s pH. Acidic Water 101 Water becomes corrosive or acidic when it has a pH value of 6.5 or less. Many private wells have […] Read more

Guide to Home Drinking Water Treatment Technologies

Choosing a filtration system for your home can be tough! There are so many different types of water treatment technology. So what will be the best solution for your home? We have created this guide to drinking water treatment technology to help you answer that question. There are five types of water treatment systems: filtration […] Read more

5 Simple Steps to Find the Right Home Water Filter

Are you concerned about water quality? Unfortunately, water contamination is a widespread problem in Florida because of our unique geography and weather. You may be concerned about bacteria living in your water or a foul taste or odor from tannins. Or, you may be worried about lead or chemical contaminants. Whatever the reason, you can find […] Read more