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Is Your Tap Water Safe to Drink?

We tend to take water for granted. We drink it all day, and it’s almost always readily accessible. But how good is the water you’re putting into your body?

Tri-Florida Water Treatment of Auburndale, FL, would like to share some helpful tips on determining if your tap water is really safe to drink.

safe drinking water in Auburndale FLTap water 101

In most cases, water that arrives in a home or business through sinks comes from a municipal water supply or a well. Water from municipal sources should be considered generally safe to drink; however, it wouldn’t be cost-effective for a city or county to go full-scale in treating its water.

Contaminants often found in tests of municipally sourced tap water include:

  • Soil
  • Pesticides
  • Heavy metals
  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Pharmaceuticals

and many other impurities.

Watch for these 4 signs in your drinking water

You can have your water tested, and you can also look for signs that tell you the water may not be perfectly safe to drink. Here are some of those signs.

Metallic taste

Various industrial chemicals, waste matter, herbicides and other contaminants can cause water to taste metallic and lead to health problems. When excessive pollutants are present, you can sometimes smell them before you even drink the water.

The smell of rotten eggs

This problem is immediately obvious. When your water has a rotten egg smell, it’s because of hydrogen sulfide. It’s not good for people to consume this substance, which can cause corrosion on metal surfaces and damage pipes and hot water heaters.

Blue or green stains

A low pH level can lead to blue or green staining on water faucets over time. Neutral pH is measured at 7. Below this, the pH is more acidic, which causes the stains. Once water goes below a pH of 6.5, you can also be looking at damage to parts and components of the home that the water regularly comes into contact with.

Brownish or reddish stains

If you see these colors on or around sinks, tubs, laundry machines or plumbing fixtures, it indicates the presence of a high level of iron or manganese, which originates in soil and rocky formations. Excess iron in water can throw off the taste as well as damage appliances, pipes, pumps and other equipment.

testing your tap water in Winter Haven FLTesting your water

You can do home water tests on your own or work with a water treatment company to determine the overall quality of the water coming into your home. A test should absolutely be performed if you notice any of the above signs, but it’s a good idea to perform an annual test, regardless of what you happen to notice in your water.

Solutions for healthy, great-tasting water

Tri-Florida Water Treatment is in business to help people drink and use water that’s not only clean and healthy but also tastes great. We provide complete water treatment and water purification products that will instantly improve the quality of the water you drink and use for cooking and cleaning.

Speak with a Florida water expert today at (863) 965-1439. You can also reach out with our handy contact form.