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How to Remove Fluoride From Your Drinking Water

The United States Public Health Service recommended adding fluoride to drinking water in the 1960s to prevent tooth decay and improve dental health. And it worked. Tooth decay among children fell by nearly 60 percent. However, many people are concerned with added fluoride and want to remove it from their drinking water. In this post, […] Read more

How to Remove Iron Bacteria from Well Water

Is your home’s plumbing filled with rust-colored sludge from iron bacteria? You may have spotted the signs when you returned from vacation and rust-stained water poured from the faucet. On the other hand, the signs could be more subtle, like an oily sheen on the water in your toilet bowl or the faint smell of […] Read more

Tannins in Florida Waterways

Does the water flowing out of your faucets look like sweet tea? If your water has a brownish, yellowish, or amber tint, tannins may be the cause. Many Floridians have water tainted by tannins. Groundwater is a dominant source of water in the Sunshine State. Tannins are plentiful in the freshwater rivers, lakes, and creeks […] Read more