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Is Your Tap Water Cloudy? Here’s Why.

If the water coming out of your home’s faucets is cloudy, you may be hesitant to drink it and use it for cooking. But before you run out and call a plumber, Tri-Florida Water Treatment of Auburndale, FL, would like to explain the various reasons for cloudy water.

Water testing in Bartow & Plant City FLDetermine what’s causing the cloudiness

Your first step is to figure out why your water is cloudy. The three most common reasons are:

Air in the water supply

Air in the water will make it look cloudy. There can be several causes, but as long as air is the only issue, the water is fine. You’ve probably found that if you let the water sit for a little while, the cloudiness clears up as the air dissipates.

Mineral content in hard water

Hard water contains an abundance of calcium and magnesium, which can lead to a cloudy appearance. These chalky-white minerals can build up in pipes, furthering the problem. Excess minerals in only hot water could point to a problem with the boiler or hot water heater.

Major sediment issues

If your water has suddenly become cloudy and it remains cloudy in a glass after 24 hours, it may be the result of line work being done by your municipal water supplier. Contact the municipality.

Note that if only one faucet is sending out cloudy water and you suspect sediment could be the cause, take off the faucet’s aerator and clean it with a 50:50 solution of water and vinegar.

Can you drink cloudy water?

Water that contains air or “typical” hard water minerals is safe to drink, although the appearance might be a little unappetizing. If excess contaminants are causing the cloudiness – particularly if the cloudiness is tending toward a green or brown hue – there could be a serious problem, and you need to follow up.

If you’re connected to a municipal water source, your first step should be to contact the entity and describe the situation. A representative may be able to offer you a quick solution. If your municipality can’t solve the problem, the next step is to have your water tested.

Home water testing

Most water treatment companies regularly perform water tests for their customers. Some plumbers may offer this service. You can also do it yourself with kits you purchase.

When the test is complete, you’ll have an accurate picture of why your tap water is cloudy. If the is done by a professional, you’ll get the right advice on the best way to turn the problem around.

Schedule your Water Purification in Auburndale.Water purification systems or water softeners

A good water purification system (also called a “whole-house water treatment system) is one of the quickest ways to solve cloudy water issues caused by contaminants, making your water healthier and more visually appealing.

If hard water is the problem, a water softener will stop the mineral-based cloudiness and make your water taste a whole lot better.

Is it time to improve your water quality?

Tri-Florida Water Treatment has been helping our customers for more than 30 years in their quest for the highest quality, best-tasting water. If you’re experiencing issues with the water in your home, call a water expert and start solving the problem.

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