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Why Water Systems Need Annual Servicing

For many homeowners, their water systems are a leave-it-and-forget-it part of their home. However, this isn’t a good idea as water systems need annual servicing no different than your vehicle, fireplace, and HVAC system. Let’s look at the role of a water system, some DIY maintenance tips, and the purpose of a water system’s annual servicing.

Adding Salt Rocks for Water Softener System in Bartow FLThe role of a water softener

Water softener systems play an important role in your home. The first applies to homeowners with well water systems. In many cases, those houses can have an iron-heavy water supply. Water comes out yellow or orange and can stain everything from clothing to linens to even your cups and bowls.

For those with city water systems, a water softener reduces mineral deposit buildup. It keeps your skin feeling smoother, your lines clear, and water pressure at peak operation.

Do-it-yourself maintenance

There are a few things you can do on your own as a part of ongoing water system maintenance. The first is something you’ll likely do monthly: replace the salt in your water softener.

Depending on the hardness of your water, you may end up replacing your salt more or less frequently, though monthly is pretty common. Some systems have easy-to-replace filters, which should be replaced every six to twelve months.

Carbon filters in a reverse osmosis setup, for example, help with whole-home filtration and usually can be swapped by the homeowner.

How often should you service your water system?

Once our Tri-Florida technicians install a water softener, it’s expected to last between 10 to 15 years — assuming that you’re maintaining it properly. As a rule of thumb, you should plan for a yearly inspection. While each manufacturer has its own guidelines and recommendations, a yearly service call should be sufficient in most cases.

Annual Water System Service, Plant City FLWhat does a technician test during a service call?

The primary task a technician will complete during a service call is a complete inspection of your water system. This includes ensuring the electrical components are in working order, cleaning your water softener, calibrating the system, and performing a
water quality assessment.

In addition, if they discover any problems they will also make those repairs during this appointment.

Let’s focus on the water quality assessment portion of an inspection. This process can help you make informed decisions on how much salt you need every month, whether there is too much salt in your water, or if the water is still too hard.

In addition, this assessment will look for toxins including lead, mercury, VOCs, and more.

Annual servicing from Tri-Florida Water Treatment

Although we listed a few DIY tips above, not everyone has the skills to take care of these types of maintenance tasks. In addition, more thorough water system servicing should be handled by a professional who is trained and certified. Each of our technicians are fully prepared to help you with all of your water system annual servicing needs. Would you like to schedule an appointment? Then call the team at Tri-Florida Water Treatment at 863-965-1439 or contact us through our website.