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Water Softener Maintenance: How to Keep Your System Working Longer

If you have a water softener system, you know the benefits you get from it. Better tasting water, softer clothes after a wash, cleaner dishes – these and other benefits are good reasons to make sure your water softener system stays in top shape.

Tri-Florida Water Treatment of Auburndale, FL, would like to share some tips on water softener maintenance.

water softener bad tasting water, Lakeland FLSigns your water softener isn’t working optimally

Water softener systems give you clues when something is wrong. Common clues include:

  • Water that tastes “off”
  • Very stubborn soap scum on shower tile and doors
  • Minimal lather with soap
  • Spotty dishes
  • Recurring crusty buildup on showerheads and sink faucets

If you notice any of these signs, your water softener system needs to be looked over.

Water softener maintenance is necessary but not difficult

As with any mechanical system in your home, water softeners need periodic maintenance. You can handle some of the tasks; other tasks should be taken care of by professional technicians.

Salt is the key ingredient

In order for a water softener system to produce the results you want, it must contain the right amount of salt. It is the salt that aids in removing minerals from hard water and gives you better-tasting, softer water.

Different systems use different types of salt, including pellet, rock, evaporated or solar. Regardless of what type of salt your system uses, too much of it can cause bridging and mushing of the salt.

The result of bridging and mushing is the solidification or congealing of salt, which reduces the performance of your water softener.

Refilling the salt

For a water softener to provide you with the desired benefits, salt must be refilled periodically. How often this is required depends on:

  • The hardness of your untreated water
  • The age of your water softener system
  • The type of system you use
  • The amount of water your household uses

Some softening systems automatically monitor salt levels and tell you immediately when refilling is needed.

Cleaning your water softener

Under normal circumstances, a water softener system will not need cleaning. Keeping it filled and maintaining salt levels are your main concerns. However, you may want to occasionally clean the outside of the conditioner.

Always use a gentle soap along with warm water and a sponge or towel. Avoid harsh cleaning agents and solutions that include bleach, acid or vinegar, which can damage surfaces.


In certain cases, your system may need to be sanitized. These cases include:

  • When the system hasn’t been used for a week or more
  • When the system is brand new and is starting up for the first time
  • If your water comes from a private supply
  • Any time you notice odors or unpleasant tastes in your water

Your water treatment technician can help with this maintenance task.

water softener for hard water in Winter Haven FLConsult the professionals

These are some good water softener maintenance tips. And the best tip of all is this: when in doubt, consult your water treatment company or technician.

If you live in the Auburndale, FL, area, Tri-Florida Water Treatment is here to help you keep your softening system working right and delivering benefits for you to enjoy all year long. We provide complete service, maintenance and installation of top-line water softener systems.

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