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Why Does My Water Smell Like Chlorine?

How does your water smell? If you smell chlorine, you aren’t alone. Most likely, there are high levels of chlorine in your drinking water. Local municipalities are required to add chlorine to all public water supplies in the United States. This is required by the Environmental Protection Act (EPA). Researchers have found that bacteria have been found in drinking water. Chlorine has been added to make water safe to drink. Depending on how far you are away from the water source will determine how strong the chlorine smell is. The scent can also be affected by the temperature of the water.

clean drinking water in Lakeland FLWill Chlorine Make Me Sick?

Chlorine is used in many ways. In pools, cleaning products, disinfectants, pesticides, polymers, refrigerants, rubbers, and solvents. The most hazardous form of chlorine is by inhalation. This may cause airway irritation. The EPA has regulated what is appropriate for consumption and monitors city water. If you have a well, it may be more challenging. Call your local water company if you find a strong smell of chlorine. They can test your water supply for any contaminants or too much chlorine. You may also consider a filtration unit outside of your home that will clean the water as it goes into your home. Contact Tri Florida Water Treatment for an educational conversation and estimate.

There are ways that you can protect your family now.

What Can I Do?

Over time, the chlorinated water will lose its smell. Yet, if you want an immediate change, you may use a filtration system. Some of these units have a filter built right in. By using this type of filtration system, it can reduce the levels of chlorine in the water. You may also leave water sitting for a while, and the chlorine will dissipate. Boiling your water will also evaporate the chlorine within.

Our goal at Tri-Florida is to provide cleaner, healthier, softer water for you and your family. We have the equipment to test your water and provide a plan that works for you. Our technicians are available to visit and give you the options that may work for you on your schedule. Give us a call at (863) 965-1439 we can set up an appointment that works for you.

Water treatment services in Lakeland & Winter Haven FLThe Tri-Florida Water Treatment Difference

We connect our water treatment and purification systems outside your home. It will be at the point of entry of the water supply. This means that your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and every faucet, tap, and spigot in your home will have water that is cleaner, healthier, softer, and more refreshing without any unpleasant odors or aftertastes. A whole home system is much more efficient. It is a reliable and cost-effective solution than under-sink treatments or pour-through filters. Works on city water or well water systems.

Call (863) 965-1439 for sales or service. Our technicians are factory-trained. Our team is skilled in giving you the best information for you and your family.