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Tri-Florida Water Treatment Services in Bartow FL

In Bartow, FL, customers are contacting Tri-Florida Water Treatment Inc for their clean water. We feel that everyone in the area should have the cleanest water possible. We provide the purest, and best-tasting drinking water possible. We service the communities of Sun Ridge, Gordon Heights, and Square Lake. As well as many of the towns surrounding Bartow, Florida. 

We use water every day. Whether it is for the laundry, washing dishes, showering, or enjoying a glass of ice water. Water purification allows the water you use to be of the best quality.

Water softening services in Bartow FL

If you are a homeowner who uses a private well, you will want to have your water tested regularly. Water treatments will need to be used so that you have the cleanest, safest, and healthiest water. If you are not using a water treatment system, contaminants, bacteria, sediment, and viruses may be found in your well water. You may experience water that has a foul odor, or bad taste. The water may stain plumbing fixtures and appliances, as well as harm your health.

Families in Bartow, Florida use Tri-Florida Water Treatment for their water purification needs. We have many options for you. Give us a call to discuss a water treatment system for your home.

Water Softening Systems

Some homes in the Bartow, Florida neighborhood have issues with hard water. Hard water can cause several issues. Some of them are staining on sinks, tubs, toilets, and soap scum. There may be frequent clogged drains. Limescale deposits may be found on appliances, including the dishwasher and washing machine. Tri-Florida Water Treatment Inc. can install a water softener system. This can remove the calcium and magnesium deposits that cause hard water.

Our popular professional-grade dual-tank water softener system connects directly to the main water line that goes into your home. Contact us in Bartow, FL to learn more about this system.

Water Filtration Systems

We recommend water filtration systems in homes that have sediment in the water. This works as water passes through the filtration system. The sediment is filtered allowing you pure clean water.

Tri-Florida Water Treatment recommends the reverse osmosis system for homes with water quality issues. The water may have lead, sulphur, arsenic, and other contaminants in it. This system removes 90% of all impurities. With the reverse osmosis system, foul odor, bad taste, minerals, vitamins, and fluoride will be removed. Leaving you with the cleanest drinking water. 

Tri-Florida Water Treatment Inc. wants to make the process easy and carefree. Adding a water purification or filtration system to your home will be stress-free. Our experts will be there throughout the entire process. We will answer questions and offer education to you for educated buying power.

We have over 30 years of experience

We have been working with water treatment and purification systems. Here at Tri-Florida Water Treatment, Inc., we pride ourselves on reliability, great communication, integrity, and quality work. We are experts in our trade. In Bartow, FL call us to set up your informational session to learn more about water treatment systems. We would like to earn your business. Give us a call at 863-965-1439, we are here for you.

Water treatment services in bartow fl