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Why You Should Treat More Than Just Your Drinking Water

Attaching a filter to your faucet or under the sink in your kitchen will improve the taste of your drinking water but what about the other water you use? There are many benefits to a total home water filtration and treatment system that improves the quality of all the water you use.

The quality of the water that you use at home for swimming, bathing and cleaning can impact the condition of your clothes, hair and skin. It can also influence the life of your pool and your energy costs.

Hard water on shower head tri florida water treatmentTreating hard water is one of the most important reasons to have a home water treatment system. Hard water has high amounts of calcium and magnesium. These harsh minerals can cause many problems for you and your home. Calcium leaves behind deposits that can build up in pipes and eventually cause blockages. It stains bathroom tiles, tubs, sinks, dishes and pools.

In addition, these minerals throw off the balance of your water. Hard water reacts poorly with soaps. The result is a filmy residue that makes it more difficult to adequately clean your body, hair, clothing and dishes. These minerals can react poorly to pool chemicals as well which can increase the need for frequent shock treatments.

You can solve all these problems with a total home filtration system that includes water softening. Total home water filtration systems are installed at the point of entry for your water supply so that all the water you use passes through it. You will notice the difference right away! Your clothes, skin and hair will feel softer and look more vibrant when you have softer water.

Home water filtration systems do more than remove calcium and magnesium. They are also designed to remove heavy metals, and toxins along with bio and industrial contaminates like bacteria and viruses. You may be surprised to learn that federal, state and local regulations permit the water supply to have trace amounts of bacteria, viruses, chemicals and contaminants. Even at the low levels that are permitted, they can negatively impact your health and well-being. If you don’t like the idea of bathing and cooking with water that contains lead, sediment, chlorine or other chemicals, a total home water filtration system is a smart investment.

Tri-Florida’s water treatment systems do even more by removing bad odors and foul tastes from your water. The result is safer, healthier, better tasting water running through the faucets in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room as well as filling your pool.

clean water for your children tri florida water treatmentWater is the building block of life. Everyday, we use it to cook, clean, bath and hydrate. You deserve to have clean, healthy water from every tap in your house. Having a water treatment and purification system for your whole home is more reliable, efficient and cost effective than an under-sink solution. It will do much more than improve the taste of your drinking water. Tri-Florida Water’s treatment systems are designed for well water and city water systems.