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Can I Test My Water Quality at Home?

The short answer is yes to the question: can I test my water quality at home? While you can, there are times when you should get your water tested, according to experts. More information follows on the whys and hows of testing your water at home. Side note: if after testing you decide to get a water treatment and purification system, Tri-Florida Water Treatment in Lakeland FL can help.

professional water testing, winterhaven flTest Your Water If…

You can find any number of reasons experts suggest that you test your water. However, you may not need any reason at all. It is recommended that you test your water every year for total coliform bacteria, pH levels, total dissolved solids, and nitrates—particularly if you have a new well or have recently repaired or replaced pumps, pipes, or the well casing. More reasons to test your water quality at home follow:

  • There are issues with odor, taste, or staining.
  • You are expecting a new baby in the household.
  • A fuel spill or chemical leak has occurred near your water supply.
  • If your family has had unexplained illnesses.
  • There have been recurrent instances of gastro-intestinal illness.
  • There is corrosion of the plumbing in your home.

How to Test Your Water Quality at Home

It’s probably obvious that the reasons to test your water quality at home are numerous. So, it’s good to know how to run a water quality test. There are various options for testing. You can get a basic water testing kit for about $20. These tests usually involve the use of testing strips that detect lead, copper, nitrate, and other common contaminants.

It’s simple! First, be sure you collect the water in a container that is not already contaminated. Next, place the strip in the water and compare the color of the testing pad with a results sheet. It will indicate whether the levels of contaminants in your water are in the acceptable range.

If one of your concerns is that there may be industrial contamination in your water, more advanced testing is needed. These do-it-yourself test kids start at about $200. You send your water sample to a laboratory for analysis. When you order one of these kits, you will receive the kit in the mail. Collect your sample and send it to the lab through pre-paid shipping. The full results of the test will be sent to you. When you get an advanced test kit, the results are often accompanied by more analysis and in-depth information.

water filtration system installation, lakeland flTrust Tri-Florida Water Treatment If Your Home Has Poor Water Quality

You can ask: Can I test my water quality at home? But, also, we can do it for you! At Tri-Florida Water Treatment, we have certified water treatment professionals who can help with your home water supply. After testing your water at home, you may want a water treatment system, purification system, or a water softener. We can explain the differences and advise you which is the best solution for you. There’s no need to stress about your water even if it is contaminated. Call (863) 965-1439 today or fill out our contact form for help from a water-treatment expert at Tri-Florida Water Treatment.