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The Six Biggest Benefits of Using a Water Filtration System

If you’re like most people, you get your water from your local municipal water supply. This water is safe to drink, meaning it won’t harm you. But many homeowners these days aren’t satisfied with the relatively low quality of water that comes through their homes’ faucets.

safer drinking water in polk county FLIf you’re one of these homeowners, Tri-Florida Water Treatment of Auburndale, FL, would like to tell you a little about the six key benefits you could be enjoying with a home water filtration system.

What is a water filtration system?

Simply put, water filtration systems use a variety of technologies to filter and clean the water that’s delivered into your home through the plumbing. A good water filter will remove the majority of impurities and contaminants that unfortunately are allowed to exist in municipal water supplies.

Popular types of water filtering systems include:

Reverse osmosis system

The reverse osmosis process pushes water through a membrane that thoroughly filters and cleans it.

Water softener

These devices use positively charged ions to remove calcium, magnesium and other minerals with negatively charged ions that lead to “hard” water, buildups and bad taste.

Cabron filters

Attached to faucets, these systems use activated carbon to filter incoming water.

The best choice for comprehensive water treatment is a reverse osmosis system, which will bring you the benefits below.

Six benefits of a quality reverse osmosis water filtration system

  1. Better-tasting water

Water filters remove a variety of minerals and heavy metals that make water taste horrible. If you’ve been drinking standard tap water for a long time, you might be used to the taste by now. If you drink properly filtered water, you notice the difference immediately.

  1. Safer water

While state regulators oversee municipal water supplies, they’re a little lenient on what is allowed to remain in the water. Trace elements of pharmaceuticals, lead, pesticides, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants regularly show up in city and county water. Even in small amounts, do you really want to drink and cook with this stuff?

  1. Softer, smoother skin and hair

Untreated water can be hard on skin and hair. Chemicals like chlorine (common in public water supplies) can cause skin irritation and itchiness. Other contaminants can make it difficult to fully wash soap and shampoo away, allowing them to stick to your body and in your hair.

  1. Cleaner, softer laundry

Municipal water can also make it harder to rinse detergents out of items in your washing machine, while making detergents less sudsy and, therefore, less effective.

  1. Longer life for plumbing and appliances

Limescale deposits from standard water supplies can build up in pipes, faucets and parts of appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. This can harm the pipes, cause blockages and leave ugly accumulations around faucets. A good water filtration system prevents these problems.

  1. Cleaner dishes and cookware

Untreated water can leave spots and buildups on pots, pans, glasses, silverware, plates and everything else. By filtering your water, the items you use for cooking and eating will look wonderful all the time.

water filtration system services in lakeland FL

A water filtration system customized for your home and needs

Tri-Florida Water Treatment has served the greater Auburndale, Florida, region for more than 30 years with the installation and maintenance of custom water treatment systems that revolutionize the water our customers use every day.

Give us a call and let us tell you more about the wonderful benefits of a top-line water filtering system for your home. Reach a water expert at (863) 965-1439. You can also get in touch with our handy contact form.