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Reverse Osmosis: How it Makes Drinking Water Delicious

You’ve probably heard the term “reverse osmosis” as it applies to the filtration of water. In this article, Tri-Florida Water Treatment of Auburndale, FL, would like to explain what this process actually is and why it’s able to produce pure, healthy, and great-tasting drinking water.

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The osmosis process

Osmosis” is a scientific word that describes the way pressure and a semi-permeable membrane (filter) removes parts of a solution. “Reverse osmosis” (RO for short) is the process when it moves in the opposite direction.

A reverse osmosis system works in several stages, including:

  • Pre-filtration, where incoming water goes through a series of initial filters that remove larger particles.
  • Reverse osmosis, where water is pushed through the filtering membrane to trap smaller particles.
  • Additional filtration, in which specific, targeted contaminants that might have been missed in the previous stages are taken care of.

What reverse osmosis removes

Just by looking at the water coming out of your faucet, you might not be able to imagine what all could be hiding within it. But studies have shown that water from municipal sources (i.e., your city or county) often contains many different impurities at varying levels.

Common contaminants found in municipal water include:

  • Viruses and bacteria
  • Heavy metals
  • Pharmaceutical agents
  • Arsenic, lead, fluoride and mercury
  • Calcium and magnesium (which cause hard-water stains)

and many other substances.

EPA regulations

In the United States, public water suppliers are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA sets forth mandates on how much “non-water content” is allowable by law in the water that municipalities sell to their customers.

Generally, the contaminant levels in the water shipped to homes and businesses aren’t harmful to people or animals. However, as more of us become health-conscious and aware of how to optimally feed and treat our bodies, we may not accept the “allowable” levels of contaminants in the water that we purchase from municipal sources.

The reverse osmosis solution

A whole-house water purification system that works by reverse osmosis is the solution of choice for more and more homeowners and business owners today.

RO systems, when designed and installed correctly, can be customized for the exact needs and requirements of a specific home or commercial facility. Filtration can be applied only to water that will be consumed by drinking or cooking. It can also be applied to all the water entering a home, including water in showers and toilets.

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Tri-Florida Water Treatment has been helping Floridians for more than 30 years with the very best water filtration systems to purify their drinking water and treat all the water in their homes and businesses.

We offer a variety of customized reverse osmosis solutions that will perfectly meet your needs for water cleanliness, safety and drinkability. Our technicians expertly install all the systems we sell, and we guarantee the best-tasting water you’ve ever had.

If you’ve been thinking about bringing better water into your home or business, now is a good time to learn more. Speak with a water treatment professional today by calling (863) 965-1439. You can also get in touch with our simple contact form.