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How can you Remove Nitrates in Tap Water

fresh clean water treatment auburndale flIt’s smart to be concerned about nitrates if you have well water. High levels of nitrate have been found in Floridan aquifers. If you have well water, it’s a good idea to have your water tested.

What are nitrates & why are they risky?

Nitrate is a form of nitrogen in soil that occurs naturally. It’s produced during the decaying process of plants, animal waste, and human waste. It’s a source of food for plants. It isn’t as healthy for humans.

Your body can tolerate low levels of nitrate. High levels of nitrate in water can be dangerous. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the maximum contaminant level (MCL) for nitrates is 10 milligrams per Liter (mg/L). Drinking water with more than 10 mg/L of nitrates is risky especially for infants, chronically ill individuals and the elderly.Drinking water loaded with nitrates is dangerous because it reduces the oxygen supplied to your brain and vital tissues.


Your body converts nitrates into methemoglobin when it’s absorbed by your blood and hemoglobin. Methemoglobin doesn’t carry oxygen well. Since your vital tissues need oxygen to function, having too much methemoglobin in your body can make you seriously ill. It can even be fatal if untreated.

How do nitrates get into water?

The main culprits of high nitrate levels in water are animal waste run-off from large factory farms, overuse of fertilizers and waste seepage from private septic systems. Nitrates make their way from farms, gardens, and lawns into rivers, streams, and groundwater due to irrigation and rainwater. In some instances, nitrate can be formed chemically in water. This can happen when the process for disinfecting city water with chlorine is not controlled well or when Nitrosomonas bacteria combine with oxygen-poor water in galvanized steel pipes.

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 Nitrates levels in your water?

Nitrates are colorless, odorless and tasteless. The best way to find out the level of nitrate in your water is to have it tested by a local water treatment professional like Tri-Florida Water Treatment.

If you have city water, you can also check your local water quality report. Municipalities are required to test city water and disclose the contaminate levels in it. In addition, they are required to meet the EPA’s water quality standards per the “Safe Water Drinking Act.” There is a chance that your water could have higher levels than the water tested for the local water quality report since nitrates can form chemically in pipes.

Well water isn’t tested or regulated by the EPA. If you have a well, you have to test it to ensure it’s safe. You can get your water tested for free by reaching out to Tri-Florida Water Treatment for an in-home water analysis!

How can you remove nitrates from water?

The best long-term, affordable solution to remove nitrates from your water is a water treatment system. An Ion Exchange water treatment system will remove nitrate from your water. If you have hard water, this system will also act as a water softener.

To schedule a free in-home water analysis or learn more about a water treatment system to remove nitrates, contact Tri-Florida Water Treatment!