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Low Water Pressure In Your Home

Are your showers less relaxing lately because of low water pressure? Along with throwing off your morning routine, low water pressure can make your laundry machine and dishwasher clean less effectively. Losing water pressure is a common problem in Central Florida. If your home has hard water and no water softener, that might be the root of your low water pressure problems.

low water pressure from faucet, bartow flWhy does your home have low water pressure?

There are six common reasons why water pressure drops:

  1. Your local water supply service is experiencing a problem that’s temporarily limiting water flow.
  2. Your city recently changed its water regulations.
  3. Your home is sharing pipelines with your neighbors.
  4. You have a clogged showerhead, facet, or other plumbing fixture.
  5. One of your home’s water valves is partially closed.
  6. Your home has a plumbing problem such as a leak or clogged or corroded pipes.

How can I find out why the water pressure dropped?

You may not be able to pinpoint the exact reason your home has low water pressure without calling in a professional. However, before you call in a plumber or water specialist, you can narrow down the potential reasons for a drop in water pressure.

Start by asking your neighbors if they have also noticed that their water pressure has dropped. If they also have low water pressure, call your local water service provider to find out if they have an issue or if your city’s water regulations have changed. If you rule out the first two options, you most likely have shared pipelines. In that case, your options are to switch your routine to avoid using water at high usage times or talk to a plumber about separating your water lines.

If your neighbors aren’t having the same problem, check to see if the problem is being caused by one of your water fixtures or a water valve. Turn on each of your faucets and showerheads to see if they all have low water pressure or just one. If only one has low pressure, take it apart and clean it or remove and replace it. You can use the helpful tips in this article to find and check your home’s water valves if your fixtures aren’t the problem.

Still haven’t found the cause of your home’s low water pressure? If you’ve ruled out the other five reasons, you most likely have a plumbing problem. In Florida, low pressure due to clogged or corroded pipes is a widespread problem because of our hard water. A small, hard-to-detect leak can also make your water pressure drop.

Fixing your plumbing will only be a short-term solution if you don’t treat your water. Hard water is tough on plumbing. An effective water softener will reduce the risk of water pressure problems in the future.

water softener for hard water, lakeland flHow can I prevent low water pressure?

A good water softener and preventative maintenance of your water softener can reduce the risk of plumbing problems that cause low water pressure. These are two of the most effective steps you can take to prevent water pressure issues and expensive home plumbing repairs.

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