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How Staying Hydrated Fights Off Illness

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Running water has never been more important in our lives than today. Practically everywhere you look online you’ll find information about the importance of handwashing. Washing your hands isn’t the only way that water protects you from viruses and bacteria. Staying hydrated can boost your immune system and prevent illness.

How hydration boost your immune system

Your immune system is made up of a network of cells, organs, and tissues that work together to fight off harmful pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. Your skin is the first line of defense. It blocks pathogens from infecting your body’s internal organs and tissues. When you are dehydrated, your pores enlarge allowing bacteria and viruses to set up camp in your pores. If those pathogens leave your skin and enter your body, the rest of your immune system kicks into gear. Every part of that system is fueled by water. When you are dehydrated, your immune system becomes sluggish. It can’t fight off pathogens as effectively because your cells, organs, and tissues aren’t getting the vital nutrients they need.


Your body needs water that carries these nutrients to your immune system so that it can operate at full capacity. Drinking enough water also helps your body flush out toxins and waste before they can turn toxic. It acts as a solvent to help the different components of your immune system work together.

How hydration reducing the risk of illness

Along with fighting off viruses and bacteria, staying hydrated reduces your risk of developing a chronic disease or medical problem. According to medical research published in Nutr Rev, staying hydrated is a factor in preventing a large range of chronic diseases and conditions.

The list includes:

Exercise-induced asthma

Kidney stones

Urinary tract infections


Fatal coronary heart disease

Kidney failure

bartow fl soften hard water for better drinking waterWhat dehydration can do to your body

Drinking enough water every day also prevents the risk of dehydration. Dry mouth and thirst aren’t the worst outcomes of dehydration. Since water is vital for every element of your body, not having enough can damage your body.

If you don’t have enough water to function properly, you could suffer from:


Kidney failure

Brain swelling

How much water do you need to drink to stay hydrated?

The amount of water that you need to drink per day depends on your habits, gender, and weather. You lose water when you sweat from heat or working out. That’s why athletes and people in hot climates need to drink more water to stay hydrated.


As a general guideline, women should drink 2.7 liters (91 ounces) per day and men should drink 3.7 liters (125 ounces) per day (according to The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine). It’s a good idea to drink more on a day you’ve worked out or if you’ve been spending time outside in the heat.

Drinking water is too important to skip! Sugary drinks like soda and juice don’t hydrate your body as well as water. The benefits of staying hydrated diminish if you are drinking contaminated water. If you are concerned about the quality of your water, give Tri-Florida Water Treatment a call! The experts on our team can help you find the right solution to eliminate contaminates and give you clean and clear water.