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Is Hard Water Causing Your Hair and Skin Problems?

Hard water is as bad for your hair and skin as it is for your pool.

What causes water to be hard is high amounts of harsh minerals including calcium and magnesium. In a pool, hard water can result in “scaling” which is when calcium builds up on the pool deck, ladders, and even inside its plumbing leaving behind chalky white deposits. It doesn’t just leave behind stains. It also makes the water cloudy and unresponsive to shock treatments making it less sanitary to swim in.

dry handsHard water has a similarly negative effect on your hair and skin. The chemicals in hard water that make it unresponsive to chlorine treatments also prevent soaps from producing a good lather. As a result, when you use soaps and shampoo with hard water, they tend to leave behind a scummy layer on your hair and skin. This soapy build up can make your skin look dull. It also clogs your pores which can lead to acne or itchy, irritated skin. If you already have sensitive skin or suffer from eczema or dermatitis, it can lead to frequent or severe flare-ups.

These hard minerals, along with the scummy layer of soap they leave behind, can change the way your hair looks and feels. The hard water minerals strip moisture out of your hair which can make it dry and frizzy. The filmy residue from your shampoo and condition that is left in your hair can make it look lifeless and feel greasy or straw-like after you get out of the shower. In extreme cases, showering in hard water can lead to hair loss if too much calcium builds up on your scalp making your hair follicles break at the base.

Dry split ends from hard water

Thankfully, these bad effects can be reversed quickly once you start bathing in soft water again. You can get back your clear skin and lustrous hair in no time after you install a water softening system that removes these harsh minerals from your home’s water supply.

If you need a water softening system, we recommend Tri-Florida Water. They offer a state-of-the-art water softener system that removes calcium and magnesium from your water through an ion exchange. It is connected to your entire home’s water treatment system so that all the water you use—from your pool to your kitchen to your bathroom—is softened. This water softening system is compatible with well water systems and city/municipal water systems. The filter cartridges in it are easy to remove on your own so you don’t have to worry about making service calls when they need to be replaced in the future.

Don’t accept dull hair, irritated skin or a cloudy pool! Take action to soften your water and reverse the effects of hardwater.