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Do I Need to Purify My Well Water Before I Use It?

Safe Well Water for BabyWell water can be packed with nutrients and minerals that are good for you and make your water taste better. It can also have hidden contaminates that could pose a serious health risk. Unlike city water, well water is not tested by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If you have a well, the burden falls on you to make sure that your water is free of harmful bacteria, parasites or dangerous metals like lead and hexavalent chromium (chromium-six).

Doesn’t soil act like a natural filter for groundwater?

As water from melted snow and rain passes through soil, many microorganisms and toxins are filtered out. That is why groundwater can be a great source of clean water, but soil is not as effective as a manmade filter. Even if your well water tastes good and looks clear, it may still be hiding microscopic contaminates that could harm you.

What contaminates could be in my well water?

Bacteria and parasites are the most common contaminates in well water. While ingesting water with bacteria and parasites may not be life threatening, you could suffer uncomfortable symptoms such as chills, headaches, or malaise. Some can cause more serious symptoms such as abdominal cramps, fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

Well water can also be contaminated with dangerous organic compounds and chemicals from runoff of pesticides and herbicides from local fields. There have been instances when toxic heavy metals from industrial waste that has been improperly stored, like chromium-six, have found their way into local wells. The health effect of these contaminates can range from mild to severe depending on what it is.

How can I find out if my well water is safe?

Is Well Water SafeTesting your water is the only way to find out if it is safe to drink. Home testing kits are available at many local hardware stores but these kits only test for a small range of contaminates. Professional testing is the only option to get a comprehensive report of your well water’s quality. We offer free in-home water analysis for residents throughout Polk County, FL. Our certified water treatment professionals test the water for hardness, minerals that may cause foul odors and tastes, and any contaminates that could be a potential health concern. If we can’t help you, check out the EPA’s website to find a local water testing service!

What is the best filter for a private well?

Determining your water’s hardness and overall quality is the first step in finding the best water treatment and purification solution for your home. If the only issue with your well water is that it is too hard, a water softening system may be all that you need. If your well water is contaminated by chemicals or organic compounds, you may need a water purification system.

Whether you need a water softening system or purification system, a whole house solution is the best option. A whole home water solution treats all of the water that passes through your home whether it is for cooking, bathing or drinking. It is more reliable, cost-effective and efficient than an under the sink filter or filtered water pitcher.

Want to get your water tested or learn more about a whole house water treatment system? Give us a call today to talk to one of our water treatment professionals.