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How Do I Know if I Need a Water Softener in My Home?

It’s nice to enjoy tap water without any concerns, but sometimes hard water problems become evident. Homeowners eventually find themselves asking, “How do I know if I need a water softener in my home?” Hard water can cause a wide range of problems. An expensive issue that arises when using hard water is that appliances can be ruined and require replacement far earlier than expected. Even worse, your plumbing can be corroded by hard water. Find answers in more detail below.

Water filtration system Plant City, FLHow Can I Tell if I Have a
Hard Water Problem?

Get your water tested by a professional to quickly and easily learn the status of your water. Do-it-yourself testing kits are available at hardware stores and home stores, as another option. No testing may be necessary, though. How do you know if you need a water softener? If you have some of the following signs of hard water, that may be the only answer you need.

Scaly Buildup

Hard water contains metals and minerals that dissolve and leave a buildup of scale aka limescale. These stubborn, scaly mineral deposits gather around your faucets and in your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. They can even cause buildup on your dishes and your skin. Mineral deposits build up in coffeepots, pots, and teakettles. The hard, chalky film also plagues cutlery, glassware, and dinnerware. It’s difficult to remove. Scale buildup can do real harm to washing machines, plumbing systems, and appliances such as dishwashers.

Strange Hikes in Utility Bills

Clogged pipes in homes mean that heating systems need to work harder to push water through. The energy efficiency of hot water heaters and boilers can be negatively affected by scale buildup. Gradually, pipes can become clogged by scale buildup. If you’ve seen utility bills getting higher and higher, it could be because of hard water.

Water Heater Ages Prematurely

Many people discover the seriousness of their hard water problem because their water heater fails or malfunctions. This kind of water heater problem is a sure sign that you need a water softener in your home. The hard water causes an acceleration of the formation of scale inside the tank and on the heating elements, which are also expensive to replace.

Dry Skin and Limp Hair

Hard water is not very people-friendly. The minerals cause skin and hair to become dry, itchy, and flaky. As a result of blocked pores, skin can develop inflammation, pimples, and blackheads. In hard water, soap doesn’t dissolve properly. As a result, soap film can linger on your skin and stop your efforts to remove dirt and bacteria. Soap film also tends to make hair limp, dull, and dry.

water filtration system Auburndale, FLFaded, Gray Laundry

Have you ever noticed that your laundry detergent is less and less effective?  Is scummy residue left behind that causes fading of linens and clothing? Are clothes becoming scratchy?

If you answered yes, then “this is how” you know if you need a water softener in your home–your laundry is faded and rough.

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