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Types Of Contaminants You Can Find In Your Home’s Water Supply

One of our top priorities as parents and grandparents is to keep our families healthy. This includes teaching them proper dental hygiene, ensuring they get the right kind of nutrition, and providing them with safe water to drink. However, while the water coming out of your faucet may look clear, it can still have various forms of pollution in it ranging from physical to radiological. Tri-Florida Water Treatment breaks down the top four types of contaminants you can find in your home’s water supply.

physical contaminants in home water supply, Lakeland FLPhysical contaminants

The first and most common are physical contaminants. These are small pieces of sediment and dirt. Typically, city water filtration systems do a pretty good job at eliminating these. Nevertheless, no system is perfect and some of these can make their way to your water faucets.

However, because they’re so small, you often wouldn’t see them until you let your glass of water sit on a countertop for an extended period of time. Then, just as they do in lakes and reservoirs, this debris collects on the bottom of your glass.

Chemical contaminants

Chemical contaminants come in two forms: intentional and unintentional chemicals. Virtually all municipalities intentionally add fluoride to their water. This invisible and tasteless chemical is meant to assist in dental hygiene. Some families have differing perspectives on fluoride and have asked their Tri-Florida Water Treatment technician to help filter this out.

Likewise, no one wants unexpected chemicals infiltrating their home. Some water supplies have unintentionally high levels of sodium. If you’re watching your heart health closely and limiting your salt intake, this is something you will want to filter out. In addition, man-made chemicals such as pesticides and bleach, as well as industrial by-products including both toxins and heavy metals, can make their way into city water supplies.

Biological contaminants

Bacteria is a naturally occurring form of life on our planet. Our bodies are full of bacteria — healthy gut bacteria and flora in our mouth to regulate pH levels to name a few.

However, not all bacteria are good. Microbes that carry disease or result from animal decay should never enter our household water supply. However, like some of the previously mentioned contaminants, they’re virtually impossible to detect with the naked eye. If left untreated, these can cause serious health problems for your family.

Radiological contaminants

Although extremely rare (we’re talking more rare than hitting the lottery twice on the same day), radiological contaminants from various isotope-related types of decay can also make their way into the water supply. The three most common are cesium, plutonium, and uranium. Generally speaking, they’re not something to worry about.

Removing contaminants from your home water supply, Auburndale FLRemoving contaminants from your home water supply

Of course, you don’t want any type of contaminants in your home water supply. That’s where we come in. Our Water Purification process includes the installation and maintenance of a complete home water filtration system. We’ll test your water to first determine what types of contaminants you’re dealing with and take the necessary steps to ensure your family stays healthy.

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