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America’s Aging Water Pipes: Is Your Tap Water at Risk?

America’s aging drinking water infrastructure is impacting people throughout the country. Unsafe lead levels in tap water have been discovered from Flint to Tampa. Florida Today reported that nearly 50,000 people in the Sunshine State might have been exposed to unsafe lead levels between January 2012 and June 2015. Continue reading to learn more about America’s […] Read more

A Comprehensive Guide on Reverse Osmosis

Want to ditch water bottles and invest in a sustainable water purification solution? A reverse osmosis (RO) filter may be precisely what you are looking for. RO filters have quickly become one of the most popular water purification systems in the United States. An RO filtration system can remove more contaminants than its competitors. We’ve […] Read more

What Water Problems Indicate You Need Water Testing?

We answer many water quality questions for residents in Lakeland, Florida, about their water quality. There are three water problems that we hear about the most: an off taste, unappealing odor, and discoloration. These are three out of five of the top reasons we recommend water testing. Read on to learn all five! Water testing […] Read more