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Can You Drink Softened Water

Information on hard water has become more available in recent years. Almost every homeowner knows the signs and symptoms of hard water. The remedy for hard water woes is often a water softening system. However, there are myths that people often believe regarding water softening that simply aren’t true. One such myth touts the dangers of soft water and warns it may be bad for your health. Let’s look at the truth about soft water.

Water Softener System Plant City, FlWater softening systems Do Not add excessive salt

The confusion on this topic stems from the way water softening systems work. These systems work through ion exchange.

A tank containing sodium ions traps the minerals that cause hard water by binding them to the sodium ions.

What’s important to note is that sodium is what the tanks use not sodium chloride.

Sodium itself is a dietary mineral needed for survival.

Sodium chloride is what we know as salt that can be harmful when taken in excess. Sodium is used to trap the minerals that cause hard water in a special tank but the drinking water itself does not contain excess salt. This leads to the next point.

Added salts from the system are not harmful to the human body

Only a small amount of salt is added to actual drinking water, these amounts are not harmful to human health. The other fear regarding water softeners is that they do their job too well, by removing beneficial minerals from water. This is not true, hard water minerals are in their inorganic state, so it is not in a “healthy” form when being removed from the water.

There are many questions and misunderstandings when it comes to softened water, but the biggest question is – is softened water safe to drink? The simple answer is “yes.” Softened water is completely safe to drink. Now when water is extremely hard, that does increase the amount of salt necessary to soften the water. In those cases, homeowners may want to investigate other methods of purification to reduce the amount of salt used.

Water softener or filtration system Lakeland, FLThe benefits of softened water include

  • Reduced buildup of minerals in hair and on the skin – leaving both cleaner and softer
  • Reduced buildup in pipes and appliances extending their life
  • Cleaner and softer clothes.
  • Less time cleaning.
  • Saves money by using fewer cleaners and fewer repair bills

If you are dealing with the unpleasant effects of hard water, consider a water softening system. Get the facts on these systems and learn how they can help you save time, money, and energy. The fastest way to see if a water softener is necessary is by performing a water test. These tests can often be purchased and performed at home or performed by a professional to see the current state of your water purity. Hearing from a professional can help you find out the system that’s right for you or if you even need one of these systems in the first place. Give us a call today to get the answers you need.

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