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Benefits of Installing a Soft Water System in My House?

salt water softener and water filtration service in bartow flHard water creates numerous problems and frustrations, as many residents in Polk County are aware. A soft water system is the perfect antidote, and it delivers numerous value-added benefits.

The Effects of Hard Water

Hard water contains calcium, magnesium, selenium, iron salts, and/or other mineral deposits. In Florida, the deposits are from limestone rocks, as water is pumped through an aquifer. The hardness of the water depends upon the level of accumulation of the mineral deposits.

Signs that you have hard water include deposits of sandy grit around the drain in the sink, bathtub, and toilet; frequently clogged pipes; and cloudy ice cubes. The following are more of the problems hard water causes for many Florida residents, including in the rural communities of Bartow, Auburndale, and Plant City:

  • Soap doesn’t lather well. It reacts in hard water to form the magnesium salt or calcium of the soap’s organic acid.
  • When hair is washed in hard water, it tends to be sticky and dull-looking.
  • Hard water causes scale buildup inside pipes and water appliances. Water heaters are less efficient, due to the buildup, which requires more energy to heat water and results in a higher energy bill.
  • After washing, skin feels scratchy and dry because of soap scum that forms in hard water.
  • Detergent doesn’t dissolve.
  • Water leaves behind spots.

Benefits of using a Salt Water System in your Home

A salt water system is a treatment for hard water that completely turns around all of the ill effects caused by mineral deposits. The following are among the benefits of installing a salt water system in your home:

  • Water is better tasting for drinking and cooking.
  • Dishes, silverware, and glasses are spot-free.
  • No unsightly impurities in the water.
  • Cleaning and housework are easier because of reduced soap curd.
  • Clothes are softer, since hard minerals are no longer trapped in the fabric.
  • Clothing lasts longer.
  • Whites don’t turn a dingy gray but, instead, stay whiter longer.
  • The skin is softer and cleaner.
  • Hair is smoother and shinier.
  • Money is saved because water appliances have a longer life, including dishwashers, laundry equipment, coffee machines, ice makers, and water heaters.
  • Energy costs are lower, without the damage to appliances.

Tri-Florida Water Treatment / Water Softener System

We offer a state-of-the-art water softener system at Tri-Florida Water Treatment. An ion exchange removes the magnesium and calcium deposits, which softens the water. The way it works is that calcium and magnesium ions are replaced with salt and potassium ion, though it does not increase the water’s sodium content. Our whole house water treatment system is connected to the main water supply at the point of entry into your home. With this water softener treatment, the water coming out of your home’s every faucet, tap, and spigot passes first through a water filtration and softening system. The need to use water softeners in the dishwasher and washing machine is eliminated.

water filtration equipment rental in auburndale flA dual tank process is used for purifying and softening the water. In the first tank, water is collected, filtered, and softened. The water then automatically switches to the second tank, where it is stored. There is never any waste because the entire tank is always used. When filter cartridges are needed, a service call is not required, since they are user-replaceable. Whether you have city/municipal water or well water, our water softener system will work for you.

Do you have hard water? Schedule a free in-home water analysis and experience the great taste of pure water as well as the many other benefits of a soft water system. Call Tri-Florida Water Treatment today at (863) 965-1439.