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Are Whole House Water Filtration Systems Worth It?

You’re probably already aware of the importance of clean drinking water. But do you need a water filtration system for your entire house? If your local water quality isn’t up to snuff, it could irritate your skin in the shower, damage your appliances, and leave stains on your clothes and dishes. Here’s what you need to know about whole house filtration systems and whether or not you should get one for your home.

Whole Home Water Filtration System, Winter Haven FLWhat do whole-house water filtration systems do?

Whole house filtration systems are much more comprehensive than the filters you would use just for your drinking water. A whole house system uses many different types of filters to remove several different types of contaminants.

Most whole-house filtration systems include both a carbon filter and a sediment filter. A carbon filter will remove chemicals like chlorine and pesticides, and it will also give your water a neutral smell and taste. Sediment filters remove dirt, rust flecks, and other forms of sediment.

Additionally, these systems typically also contain a water softener. Water softeners remove minerals like calcium and magnesium that can irritate your skin and leave a white, scaly buildup around your house. Finally, many filtration systems also use UV purification to remove any bacteria or viruses.

Do I need a whole house filtration system?

Not everyone needs a filtration system for their entire house. Ultimately, this is going to depend on the makeup of the water in your area. In order to determine what type of filtration system you need, you should have your water tested by a professional. However, there are some key signs to watch out for that indicate you might need a whole-house filtration system. The first sign is that your water is cloudy or has a strange scent throughout the entire house. Your water also might have an unpleasant taste.

Additionally, you’ll want to watch for white, scaly deposits on your faucets and on your appliances. You might also start to notice white stains on your dishes or on your clothes. Hard water can also leave your hair and skin feeling dry and itchy.

Clean Filtered Water for Hand Washing, Plant City FLIs a whole house filtration system worth it?

A whole house filtration system is a major investment, but it’s one with serious benefits. These filtration systems improve the quality of water throughout your entire house, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all of your water is safe to drink, bathe in, and clean with.

These advanced filtration systems remove all sorts of contaminants that a typical water treatment plant wouldn’t catch. Having cleaner water also minimizes damage to your appliances and makes it easy to keep your home clean.

If you’re interested in a filtration system for your entire house, Tri-Florida Water can help. We’re based in central Florida and serve customers throughout Polk County. Give us a call at 863- 965-1439 to learn more about our water filters and schedule a consultation.